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The Underground Quality Radio Show

21st January, 2011 | 371 views

After 69 shows that stretch back to the beginning of 2008, it’s time to call it a day with blogging the shows here on It’s All Good… the pinkblog. I originally started this blog just to write about individual tracks that I liked, both new and old; putting up the radio shows was a sideline service that now, with limited resources in the way of time, has unfortunately come to dominate my posts. Thus I would like to thank Jus-Ed for the entertainment and all the top tunes he has brought to my attention and to all who have posted comments of thanks or to ID unknown tracks on previous shows.

I will still be tuning in when I can and when I do, will still record the show and upload it but only to a file hosting service like Sendspace. A link to the file will then be posted to the Underground Quality Radio Show group on Facebook so join up if you haven’t already so you can catch up if you’ve missed a particular show. The Underground Quality Radio Show group on Facebook has now (as at March 2012) disappeared into ether, best bet for more info is the Underground Quality fan page on Facebook. There is also plenty of opportunity for discussion there should anyone wish to decipher the tracklist each week… Look forward to seeing more regular posts here on music that matters ‘cos it’s all good, aight!

Best wishes and here’s to many happy future Hump Days.

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