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Raised by wolves in the highlands of Scotland, Conradio found peace raving amogst the gentle rolling countryside of Essex. Here he has lived for over twenty years, mining the rich seams of beats in the charity stores that dot the concrete shopping malls. A chance encounter with Pinky over the Strictly Rhythm section in a now defunct record store in Chelmsford and having a contentious discussion on the origins of Roger Sanchez’s beard, developed into a long lasting friendship that continues to this day. Fellow deep comrades have been and gone yet Conradio keeps the flag flying, an outpost of deep vibes in Essex.


One man with one vision of a deeper reality. First the EstimuloShow… then the world *maniacal laughter*. With the recruitment of his fellow deep house soldiers, he has a hit squad of beat commandos ready to broadcast worldwide at a moments notice to crush musical mediocrity. In his quieter moments whilst not plotting to bring about The Age Of Deepness, he prefers to relax with his cats, obtained from a refuge run by SPECTRE.


When he’s not mixing it up, Dr. Makarov will be down in the lab dissecting the corpses of pointless sub-genres whist he tinkers with beats seeking to mould a Frankenstein beat of Deepness from all the pieces of crap electronic music that don’t deserve to exist.

Mike Bishop

An ex-pat from the land Down Under with roots now firmly ensconced in Toronto, North America due to the union of deepness with his Good Lady Wife; he divides his time between mixing, fishing and various fine beers brewed in the plethora of Canadian micro-breweries.

Pinky Chukkles

With an almost permanent playful smile amongst rosy cheeks, the burden of bringing quality music to the masses can seem a lighter burden. Keep on keepin’ on, is the Chukkle mantra, against all odds and sustained with his own home cooking. Always moving, never resting; lest the accusation of hanging around like a bad smell become a reality (the spag bol or the curry being the most likely culprit).


Although based in San Francisco, these days Roxnadz perfers the solitude of the ocean floor just off the Bay Area. Much like a James Bond villain in his undersea lair… but nicer and with superior taste in music. There he toils away, building smooth chords for the future releases on his label but occasionally he extends his transmitter to the surface long enough to contribute a broadcast to the EstimuloShow that quite often consist of unreleased material.


Still looking for the braincells lost in his misspent teenage years at Quadrant Park and the Hacienda, the experiences were burned into those that remained. These act as the motivation to proselytise his own brand of deepness and although he still experiences periodic electric shock sensations, these in no way affect the smoothness of his blends whilst mixing.

Download links for all the shows so far however if you prefer to stream them or view the tracklists, visit the post archives.