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Pinky's vibe selections

Ye olde wireless radio, families gathering round to listen to their favourite pirate radio show broadcasting the latest hot releases in techno, deep house, drum’n’bass and 2-step.

Technology has marched on and it’s now all on t’interweb, thousands of stations streaming their content everywhere; a deluge of data. It was all much more simple back in the day, Kiss 100, legitimised from it’s pirate status, reached out with it’s rays of audio gold to deepest darkest Essex to rescue me from a life of MOR rock and buying music on cassettes.

Moving to London during the nineties and there were loads of the illegal blighters, crowding the airwaves, sometimes drowning out legitimate stations. I had my dial locked on to Girls FM “for 100% house and garage” and Chill FM for the ambient shows, when it wasn’t playing 200+bpm gabba. I lost the habit of wanting to tune in after returning from living abroad but my musical needs were better served by downloading the mixes from various forums (e.g. discogs) however lately I’ve been re-discovering the pleasure of radio via a live internet stream. Below is a summary of shows that I regularly tune into, tune in until you drop off.


Every Saturday 1000PST, 1300EST, 1800GMT & 1900CEST.
Duration: Varies – 3hrs plus, sometimes epic shows that go on into the night as the deepness flows through the turntable jedi…

Estimulo – the “deep barometer” for those of you too busy to seek out deepness in house and techno, playing nourishing vibe nuggets from the past and present with presenters and djs from around the globe. The schedule can vary between the various selectors around the globe so check the homepage for the definitive list of who is playing when or alternatively sign up to the mailing list on to receive an email reminder before each show.

I am no longer involved with the show on a regular basis and truly-madly is currently on a sabbatical overseas, however possibly there will still be an opportunity to do an occasional show in the future. The archive of some previous shows will continue to exist here but the latest show is always available to download from mixomat. DJ bios and download links for the shows hosted on this blog here; for tracklists and streaming, consult the archive.

Underground Quality Radio Show

Every Wednesday 1900-2100 EST, 0000-0200 GMT and 0100-0300 CEST.
Duration: 2hrs

DJ Jus-Ed in the house, serving up fat wedges of deep house pie. For a full list of previously recorded shows, go here or alternatively for tracklists and streaming, consult the archives. I no longer blog new shows and the Underground Quality Radio Show group on Facebook has disappeared (as at March 2012) into the ether, best bet for more info is the Underground Quality fan page on Facebook.

Alucidnation presents Electronica

Every Sunday 2200GMT, repeated the following Saturday, same time.
Duration: 2hrs

Bruce Bickerton under his artist moniker does exactly what it says on the tin, delivering a right mixed bag of beans and beats. He keeps previous shows on his website; formerly they were only made available for a couple of weeks after broadcasting but now appear to be hosted permanently so the archive that I kept here no longer exists. He rather diligently provides a track listing in the form of a downloadable pdf file, the helpful chap that he is but you can also view them here if you wish.

Jenifa Mayanja’s Bu-Mako Experience

Every Friday 1400EST, 1800GMT and 1900CEST.
Duration: 1hr

Weekly soul food with a deep twist including exclusives from her label and others; fortunately, since I usually miss the show, she has conscientiously kept some archives so we can all fill our bellies with good vibes, I applaud.