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Laak – The Beyond EP

22nd May, 2011 | 292 views

Back Of Beyond

Don’t Ever Leave

Cosmic Causeway

Cantankerous Emotions

Second release by both the label and the artist, continuing with the form illustrated on the Negatively Seductive release from last year and again supported by DJ Jus-Ed on his Underground Quality Radio Show. Kicking off with the fastest of the four cuts, the first track foremostly stakes it’s claim to the dancefloor with prominent percussive elements and a brooding step-looped bassline before some smooth butter-chords are melted into the mix. However, possibly because I’m not out as often as I perhaps ought to be these, this is my least favourite track of the four here.

What sells me this EP is the laid back groove of Cosmic Causeway, bringing to mind early 90s productions by the likes of Ronald & Rheji Burrell on labels like Citi Records. From the tinkling keyboard motif that begins and runs throughout most of the composition and the delayed introduction of a soft bassline; this is a track that playfully tugs and beckons rather than bully you along ahead of it. Cantankerous Emotions continues with the well matured deepness; again, bringing to mind tracks like Breakdown Wo! and Lake Placid by Language from the 1992 release, In The Lab EP. With Don’t Ever Leave also cut from the same un-hurried cloth, Back Of Beyond is the concession to the dancers whilst the rest of the EP is for the heads and mine is happily nodding away. If Laak is happy to let the music speak for itself, my ears will always be receptive to more material – an artist to look out for.

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