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Pinky's vibe selections

Is this a vinyl-only blog?
Apart from the radio show archives and mixes, generally, yes… well most of the time. Basically, if it’s available on vinyl then that’s what I’ll blog however if I want to blog a track that’s only available on another format, well, so be it. Vinyl is my favourite physical format for sure but hey, gotta move with the times, there’s too much good music out there that’s only being released either on cd or digital-only.

How often do you update your blog?
Basically when I feel the urge, so whilst there may be something posted on a daily basis there will also be periods where only virtual tumbleweed blows across the browser screen.

I like your posts but I can’t be bothered to keep checking back and see if you’ve published something new, is there an easier way of being notified of new content?
Welcome to the world of Really Simple Syndication (or RSS); something that I wasn’t aware of myself until relatively recently. It’s like, a Really Good Idea! Get yourself a piece of software called an “RSS Reader” or “feed reader” – on a mac, I use Vienna; if you use a PC, here is one called FeedDemon, if you’re on the move a lot then Google Reader may be more suitable. They all perform the same job, that’s to check and show any new content from the “feeds” that you’ve subscribed to. So instead of checking here for new posts, if you subscribe to the blog feed, your newsreader will indicate whenever a new post gets published. Alternatively, you can subscribe to specific categories via this page. If what you’ve just read has gone in one eye and out your left navel, there is this guide on the BBC website and this entry in Wikipedia.

Where is the download link for the single tracks you put up?
There isn’t one.

Where is the best place to buy the music you feature?
If it’s a new release then there will be links to various online retailers in the posts but for older material that you’ll probably only get secondhand, there will always be a link to the Discogs Marketplace where there will usually be some for sale, the numbers and prices depending on how easy or hard it is to find. It’s also worth checking GEMM and MusicStack for availability and prices.

Help, whenever I right-click and select ‘Save Link As’, I get prompted to save a file called download.php and not an mp3 file?
Unfortunately I’m not sure why this happens but if you just click on the download icon instead of right-clicking and ‘save as’, your browser should then prompt you to select a location on your computer to save the audio file. If you still prefer to right-click and save as then just save the file and after it’s finished downloading, rename it but also change the file type at the end from .php to .mp3 and it should then play as normal in your chosen media application.