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DJ MIX: LTJ Bukem – Mellow

17th June, 2008 | 4,319 views

One of my favourite mixes, period; it’s been part of my life for so long that it’s like a family member. Bought from a small shop that sold trendy ‘club wear’ in Chelmsford where I studied, that also sold mixtapes. We’ll forget about the baggy zebra-stripe Gio Goi shorts that I spent forty quid on which made me look like a clown; the guys who ran it were real clubheads and had good connections for some of the best mixtapes around, both nationally known djs and local ones. It’s fortuitous that I managed to rip the cassette to the computer and burn onto cd before it wore out and snapped which was an unfortunate circumstance that befell another prized deep house mix that belonged to ck. That mix (which was held in as high regard as the Bukem one) was by Dean Savonne; a victim of it’s excellence, chewed up by the car stereo.

It became an obsession to identify and then hunt down and buy all the tracks on this Bukem mix, only one left but it’s taken over ten years to get to this stage. The mixing is tight, transitions quick. No long snooze-a-thon mixes here, an average of three minutes a track and the next is being seamlessly blended in. Having listened to this mix hundreds of times, I’m biased but it’s all killer no filler; you could not get a better overview of what deep house sounded like in ’91/’92. If I had to choose, my favourite tracks would be the Masters At Work, QX-1 and M.C.J. releases; the M.C.J. one especially, I didn’t know what the track was until a few years ago when someone ID’ed it on a forum. I’ve hosted this mix online since 2003 and it’s been downloaded thousands of times, tracks from here will definitely be featured by themselves on this blog in the future.

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LTJ Bukem - Mellow


  1. | 0:00:00 | Coldcut – Jade (Aleph mix)
  2. | 0:05:25 | Endangered Species – Endangered Species
  3. | 0:09:54 | Masters At Work – Our Mute Horn (Ken Lou mix)
  4. | 0:12:40 | Springboard – Make Some Noise (Nod Your Head mix)
  5. | 0:16:11 | Monarch – Forever Slammin’ (Forever Slammin’ mix)
  6. | 0:19:53 | Gio Canepa – ORE: Nove Nove
  7. | 0:24:32 | Beautiful People – I’ve Got The Rhythm (Club mix)
  8. | 0:26:08 | Jamie Principle – You’re All I’ve Waited 4 (E-Smoove Late Nite mix)
  9. | 0:28:53 | PWM – Are You Ready To Move (Deep Rave mix)
  10. | 0:33:08 | Z-Formation – Frenzy
  11. | 0:35:49 | L Factor – Claim To Be (Mike Dunn’s Mixx 2)
  12. | 0:39:24 | Raw Elements – Raw Basics
  13. | 0:42:54 | Raphel – Move Loosely
  14. | 0:44:18 | Rhythm II Rhythm – A Touch Of Jazz (Do It Tonight mix)
  15. | 0:46:49 | DTR – Journey Into A Dream (Sex In Paradise mix)
  16. | 0:51:40 | Simply Red – Something Got Me Started (Hurley’s Dub)
  17. | 0:54:46 | Chocolate Fudge – To Be Now
  18. | 0:57:15 | QX-1 – Love Injection (Inject Me Love Mixx)
  19. | 1:00:59 | Red Light – Who Needs Enemies
  20. | 1:04:28 | Optimystic – 4 A.M.
  21. | 1:07:19 | Mystique – Want Your Body (Coolout mix)
  22. | 1:09:48 | World Power – I’m Happy (After The Rave mix)
  23. | 1:14:13 | Korda – Move Your Body (Club mix)
  24. | 1:17:03 | Déja Vu – Move Your Waistline (Sweat mix)
  25. | 1:20:36 | Urban Rhythm – Love Will Make It Right (House To House mix)
  26. | 1:24:38 | M.C.J. – Sexitivity (Deep mix)
  27. | 1:27:14 | Keep Moving Ahead – Always Searching (Uhura mix)
  28. | 1:31:08 | Jovonn – Be Free (Instrumental mix)

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10 Responses to “DJ MIX: LTJ Bukem – Mellow”
  1. Crab11-40 Says:

    Pleasant to reed your postings here,
    i have found you via uzuri webpage.
    This one is sometimes is classic one,
    for sure! Do you know that sample
    from Endangered Species – Endangered Species
    (dj Sneak used it on his Rice and Beans too)?

  2. Pinky Says:

    Glad you have enjoyed the mix. I’m afraid I don’t know the sample used in Endangered Species and I take it you don’t know the last track I have to ID on A13? Thanks.

  3. Simon Says:

    Hi. I have this too, trodden the same path ! Bought my tape in the lanes in brighton of a young man who was probably Mr Bukem himself. Archived it straight onto DAT which still exists and remains one of the all time classics for me through my times at Peach at legends, Club UK wandsworth, Renaissance in Mansfield and club 400 in kensington. The heady days of being a student, shopping in Passenger in covent garden and becoming good friends with Aussie Andy Morris, an excellent DJ. When times are low, emotions needy this just gets me awake to life again. Top 2 are MCJ and monarchs slammin. Keep up the message, we are just 2 of many.

  4. Pinky Says:

    Thanks for the comment – I’m not surprised that this mix reaches out to many. The MCJ track is pure dreamy deep house heaven. Please let me know if you are aware of any similar mixes especially by Bukem but this appears to be a one-off. If you are a fan of his dnb/hardcore mixes, check out this thread on Discogs as it contains loads of rips of his mixes available for download.

  5. Simon Says:

    the only thing that came close was the garage grooves series. I have originals and DATs of volumes 6 and 10, tracks such as Jezebels ‘I just want your love’ make the summer of 95 seem like yesterday. I can rip a copy if you like, no DJ listed, if he / she sees this please come forward !

    I miss those times, true garage, beach and sun

  6. Pinky Says:

    No worries, feel free to put a link up here and I’ll give it a listen. Cheers.

  7. m00dymark Says:

    The track at | 0:42:54 | ???last unknown ???

    – is actually off a set of EPs known to me and a good mate at the time as ” the Raphael EPs” I got 4 of them on vinyl. That track is called “move your body”. In fact they are all on discogs under EP records:

    The actual EP this tune is on is here:

    and this is the track:

    An absolutely wicked tune which brings back some cool memories :-). Hope this helps you finish off the tracklisting!

  8. Pinky Says:

    Amazing m00dymark – what a way to return a favour with a favour and complete this tracklist. A thousand thanks and I will update this post right now!

  9. Dan Cartel Says:

    Thanks for posting just found this mix it’s excellent! Thought I’d share my fave tape from this time….

    Much Love

  10. Pinky Says:

    Thanks Dan – appreciate you leaving a comment. Will get around to checking out your mix on Soundcloud.

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