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D5 – Floatation Tank

15th September, 2009 | 160 views

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In an effort to blog more new releases closer to the actual date they are released, thereby giving people a greater chance of actually purchasing them; here is a track that previously appeared on the Planet Delsin sampler. Whilst that particular release has become very sought after and consequently quite hard to find at a reasonable price, this is a welcome re-pressing on vinyl for Floatation Tank. Don’t hesitate too long to decide whether to click ‘Buy’ though; as with all pressings today, one thing you can be sure of is that the runs they do at the pressing plants are very small compared to say, a decade earlier. This is a fine piece of polished techno that’s fittingly titled, I doubt it’s piped into any real floatation tanks but it’s a testament to it’s smoothness that despite the techno tempo, it probably wouldn’t sound that out of place. A release by John Harvey that is up to the consistent high standard of his other productions.

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D5 - Floatation Tank

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2 Responses to “D5 – Floatation Tank”
  1. thomasvdb Says:

    I have this one, lovely tune

  2. Conradio Says:

    lovin’ the D5 track.
    gonna get me some of that !

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