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The Wonder Stuff – Circlesquare
16th September, 2009 | 383 views

Ever tried to fit a square peg into a round hole? The Wonder Stuff tried, failed and then wrote a song about it.

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Blur – There’s No Other Way (Remix)
5th June, 2008 | 182 views

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Blur’s first hit way back in ’91 but here in stripped down remixed form, part of an assemblage of releases that seemed to be part of the ‘indie dance’ scene (or ‘alternative dance’ according to wikipedia), taking influence from the exploding dance scene that was then coursing through the UK. The vocals erased except for the chorus, the organ pushed more to the forefront, the funky drumming more prominent and akin to that used on “Fools Gold” by The Stone Roses. This came out when I was in the sixth form at school and I can remember someone coming into the social hut having just bought the original twelve, slapping it on the cheap dirty stereo we had in there and cranking it up for a positive reception.

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