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Synkro – Attack
15th July, 2009 | 207 views

Dub house – Dub step, let’s not split genre-hairs here. Headphones may be essential to appreciate all the deep frequency seasoning.

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Smith & Mighty – Move You Run
14th July, 2009 | 165 views

Low frequency oscillations are the order the day, send out bass warning.

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Dreadzone – House Of Dread
22nd September, 2008 | 330 views

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As a rule I don’t have any compilation albums, quite a few years ago I performed a Stalinist purge on my collection, realising that a) the pressings were usually crap and b) I only really liked a couple of songs on each one anyway. Due to the miracle of t’interweb, the original releases of the tracks I liked were a mere mouse-click and a few additional brass farthings on the credit card away. The husks of the compilations were cast aside to a fate only marginally better than the refuse tip, the charity shop; probably to begin the cycle anew when picked up by some other spotty herbert.

However, for this compilation I grudgingly had to make an exception because the album it’s from is an even quieter pressing and the release on twelve isn’t the same version – I know because I bought them all in an escalating paroxysm of rage and frustration. I’m possibly being a little unfair to this comp because it’s spread across four slabs of vinyl with a max of only three tracks per side and it does have more than two tracks that I like. This is what I bought it for though; dub house, ragga house, don’t really care exactly what label with which to pidgeon-hole it but it’s a bouncy smiling track. I think Jazzy B’s phrase “A happy face, a thumpin’ bass, for a lovin’ race” equally applies here.

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