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YamWho? – So In Love
2nd August, 2010 | 188 views
YamWho? - Baby B side label pic

Stalwarts of the West London music scene, Yam Who? have an impressive list of remix credits that are well regarded for their originality so when they chose to hop on the re-edit train to discoville, it’s worth paying for the ride to join them.

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Tornado Wallace – Be My Ladyboy
19th June, 2010 | 685 views
Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies label pic

The ‘scene’ may be awash with tepid disco re-edits or tracks with ill-conceived samples applied without any real thought; this however is one that is deserving of your ears and time.

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Ashford & Simpson – One More Try
5th April, 2010 | 333 views
Ashford & Simpson - Warner Bros Years box set pic

Rhino Records to the rescue with a box set collection of their 12″ disco releases which includes this impossible-to-find promo-only release from 1976, another of the “Disco Holy Grails”…

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Gladys Knight & The Pips - It's A Better Than Good Time label pic

The DJs DJ, the late Walter Gibbons at the remix controls; a rare jewel in the disco crown and, so far, with no counterfeit pressings in existence.

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Dunn Pearson Jr. – Groove On Down
29th March, 2010 | 293 views
Dunn Pearson Jr. - Groove On Down label pic

Mid-tempo number with an in-house orchestra providing strings that carry you away – an indispensable track for disco enthusiasts.

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Nora – Questa Notte
20th July, 2009 | 413 views
Nora - Questa Notte cover

Spotters Alert! Unpack your anoraks and sharpen those pencils, start listening and it’s eyes down and start scribbling. Secret italo-disco gem…

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Mtume – You, Me & He
15th June, 2009 | 268 views
Mtume - You, Me & He label pic

Mtume offer relationship guidance through the medium of the song.

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Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around
13th June, 2009 | 850 views
Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around

Donald Byrd – he come along and spreads the love and sunshine…

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S.O.S. Band – Weekend Girl
9th May, 2009 | 739 views

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If you grew up in the Eighties, this probably got played at the end of your school disco forming the soundtrack to the ritual of The Slow Dance. A ceremonial teenage rite, the scourge of the socially inept and those lacking in enough confidence to approach members of the opposite sex. Apart from that, it’s a fine example of the polished production talents of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who were the duo behind some of their biggest hits. Call me an old romantic, but hey, I think going to the cinema on a first date like the guy on this track suggests, is a little lame unless purely to cop a feel in the back row. In that case this single would probably be called something quite different.

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S.O.S. Band - Weekend Girl cover pic

S.O.S. Band - Weekend Girl label pic

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The Concept – Mr. DJ
24th April, 2009 | 143 views

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Consecutive days of sunny weather make one susceptible to the care-free tunes both in the present and from the past. This comment on discogs by the-jaguar gauges the vibe:

A gem that symbolises the time very well. The cyclical groove works brilliantly, and can dig deep if you’re in the right mood. Evokes images of sun-soaked global scenes from 1985, enhanced by the entertaining voice-over. Would also be a good track to go swimming training to, on a sunny morning on the outskirts of LA. The pool would be of Olympic standard, with only a few people in it. The motion of the track bodes well with that of front-crawl stamina training.

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The Concept - Mr. DJ cover pic

The Concept - Mr. DJ label pic

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Floating Points – Love Me Like This
22nd April, 2009 | 1,080 views

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First blog post of a complete tune for some time but I had to drop this soul bomb as it deservedly appears to be blowing up all over the place and I feel like adding a small amount of momentum whilst it’s still fresh (although admittedly I am quite late to the party as this has been out for R2 Records for a few weeks and was apparently out as a 7″ even before that). Deep but not quite at the pace of even slower deep house jams; soulful due to main sample it takes from an early eighties boogie number and re-translates into a new context plus damn tight production. Disseminating the Radio version here but both the Dub and the other track Shangrila, are on the money. Props to ck yet again for bringing this track to my attention – tastemaker! If he ever shifts his ass to write on his own blog, I’d have nothing new to put up.

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Floating Points - Love Me Like This sleeve

Floating Points - Love Me Like This label pic

Discogs entry

The whole track is built round a chunk of a song with the same name by Real To Reel, it’s probably only fair that they get some love as well. Since I have a fondness for eighties groove jams and recognise their influence on many of the other records that I’ve got, I think I’ll be needing a copy of this on black wax at some point.