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Songs about shagging, music has always been inextricably linked with SEX. The rhythmic beat of rock’roll that got right up the noses of puritan religious types back in the fifties through the epic orgasmic disco releases of the seventies; continuing today in all it’s myriad forms, some more subtle than others. I’ve plenty of obvious tracks to choose from and I will put one in particular up soon but this is an understated one. Don’t write it off because it’s Kenny Rogers! Although tame by what can be released in this day and age, it was pretty brazen stuff for the late sixties and created some controversy when it was released. The softness of the verses contrasting with the build up to the rock shouted choruses adds a real edge to it. It’s a real stab at laying down some music to get jiggy to, although with it clocking in at just under four minutes you would hope that your session would last a little longer.

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