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Begin – Velocity

7th February, 2011 | 343 views


Velocity Part 2


With summer spilling out of the title track, you could easily be forgiven for forgetting that it’s still mostly dark, wet, cold and miserable outside (at least in the northern hemisphere) however, if you were fortunate enough to be one of the few that received advanced promos of this release then those audio waves of sunshine would’ve been radiating out of your speakers at the tail end of summer last year. With the repeated coda sung in a foreign tongue, it brings to mind Transglobal Underground’s Temple Head without the big beats or the rap.

Velocity Part 2 continues with a more stripped down approach centred around a repeated keyboard refrain which is what initially hooked me into this release. Curbcrawler begins as a sparse brooding chugger of a track that then busts out with a bass keyboard line, adding a small sample of a guitar *schick* sound that for some reason, sounds ever so familiar before dissolving into squelchy keyboard sounds and more guitar. Close your eyes and be borne away into a flight of fancy that summer was already here and you were hearing this lying on the grass at a music festival somewhere; which, on the strength of these three tracks, is something that could be quite likely in 2011.

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