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Pinky's vibe selections

An audio blog with tracks, mixes… vibes; open minds and curious ears welcome.

To listen to music that is streamed you will need to have Flash and Javascript enabled on your browser; just click on the play symbol on the player, there may be a short delay while the track buffers. Mixes or internet radio archives are available for download if hosted on TipTop otherwise there will be links to other websites where the mix may still be available.

The streaming software currently used on this blog is the 1PixelOut Audio Player (v2.0b5) and I have made every effort to prevent tracks from being downloaded as they are here for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, please support the artists featured by purchasing their releases; helpful links are provided.

All tracks have been ripped from my own vinyl copies at a rate of 128kbps and will have the sound quality of the loud speaker on an inferior mobile phone on anything bigger than a set of headphones. So if you’re a cut-price digital jock looking for underground freebies to download, your sets will sound just as cheap. However if you’ve come across this blog and you’re an artist (or represent one) that’s featured on here and want a track removed, let me know via the contact form below and I will delete it immediately.

This blog is best viewed in Firefox 3 (Mac & PC) or IE 7 but looks pretty crap in Safari and Chrome; when I can be arsed, I may get round to sorting that out.